Ceramic Artist Specializing in French Provencial, Italian Renaissance, Nature Scenes, Varietal Wine Grapes. handpainted ceramic art
  Frédérique Lavios was raised in the San Francisco Bay area by her French parents.  Art history and artistic expression was encouraged from an early age.  Following a fulfilling 20+ year career as an architect  she moved to Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Mike, to raise their two young children.  Lavios continues her passion for design by applying her artistic energy to create functional and food safe ceramics for homes, offices and gardens all over the world.  Her work has been shown in art galleries, stores and juried art shows.
    Frédérique uses dried 'greenware' and/or fired 'bisque' clay as her canvas.  Her 'canvases' are hand-built using clay slabs, hand molded clay, and/or slip-cast clay.  Up to 10 different layers of diluted glaze are applied one on top of the other to create designs with an impressionistic effect.  The artist draws from her previous career as an architect to visualize her designs in three dimensions.